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Welcome to Apex Mountain Kingsnakes!


We are breeders of what we think are the most interesting group of North, Central, and South American Colubrids. While the Mountain / Montane Kingsnakes are my original passion, my interest has naturally spread to Milksnakes and a few of their lower altitude relatives. 

Since I caught my first snake, a California Mountain Kingsnake in 1967, I have been fascinated by, and have kept snakes most of my life. As a lifetime animal lover with 50+ years of animal husbandry, horses, goats, cattle, birds, dogs, reptiles, and amphibians, and with much advice from the most qualified snake breeders in the U.S., I felt comfortable to launch an extensive breeding program specializing in the snakes I love most. 

A few years ago, as the last of my 5 human children was released from captivity, I found the time, and made the commitment to build our comprehensive breeding group. With the help of my adult children and some exemplary local herptoculturalists, we will continue to make the effort to supply the highest quality captive bred animals to other responsible keepers and breeders. 

We hope you find the animal you are looking for and if you don’t, please ask, we are happy to recommend several of the top breeders of these incredible animals.

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